CORE Association

Service Delivery

Each individual receiving service is assisted to develop, implement and monitor a service plan that meets their unique needs.  The plan contains measurable outcomes to track their progress on the goals they wish to pursue.  To promote personal growth, individuals are encouraged to revisit their goals as often as they wish.

Community Access

Community Access provides individuals who are 18 years of age or older with a variety of community and facility-based activities that help them meet stated goals in the areas of accessing their community, volunteerism, socializing, recreation and skill development.  Individuals receiving service are assisted to develop a service plan that recognizes and supports their unique interests and abilities. The emphasis will be placed on activities that promote community inclusion, advocacy and that use existing community resources.

Community Inclusion

Community Access provides a central location where individuals can access a variety of volunteer, recreation and employment sites as well as learn skills to help them to become valued members in their community.

Activity Centre

The Activity Center offers a variety of skill development classes such as money, Individual Rights & Responsibilities, FLASH sexual health education, nutrition, Sit and Be Fit exercise classes, 911 safety, and sign language.  These classes are individually structured to meet all levels of learning.

Art Program

This program is designed to let individuals express themselves through a variety of creative mediums. Short-term classes run several times a year and artists are given the opportunity to work on a variety of projects.

CORE Masters

CORE Masters is a self-advocacy committee formed by individuals who receive PDD funding and have indicated an interest in advocating for themselves and others.  Through monthly meetings various topics related to improving the lives of their members are discussed, including recreational activities, funding, public speaking and fundraising.  The committee also promotes social inclusion and networks with other self-advocacy groups, including the South Region Self-Advocacy Network (SRSAN) through meetings and conferences. 

Community Living

CORE has 11 residential sites for adults ranging from several three-person homes to one for 10 residents. One home is for people with mobility issues and wheelchairs, while another is for adults who are dual diagnosed with developmental disabilities and dementia.

Our homes offer many services. Individuals are supported to live as independently as possible and are given support in areas as per the need of each individual, such as personal care, grooming, household duties and involvement, doctor appointments, recreational outings, to name a few.

Each home is staffed for the level of services and care needed. Individuals have many areas of individual choice and preference and are encouraged to participate in the decision-making process in areas such as room decor, meal choice, employment opportunities, community outings and involvement. These are choices made by the individual themselves or with their guardians when needed.

Support and Respite Homes

Individuals may choose to live with a family or couple or supportive roommate. Based on their service plan they are assisted to learn or maintain activities of daily living, to access their community and are supported to build and maintain relationships with peers and community members. Overnight respite may be provided away from the individual’s home on a regular, seasonal or as-needed basis.


Individuals are supported in their own home or in their family home to participate in their community, learn and maintain daily living skills and build and maintain relationships with peers and community members.

CORE Kids on the Block

CORE Kids on the Block is a troupe of life-sized puppets who educate children and youth, parents, teachers and the community about disabilities, abilities and inclusion.

The Kids on the Block provides an outlet through puppetry for individuals to create awareness related to disability, medical and educational differences, social and safety issues.  Dependent on their abilities and preferences, individuals have the opportunity to bring the puppets to life through skits which are presented to community groups throughout the year.  Whether it’s providing the voice for the puppet, operating the puppet’s movements or helping with set up and take down, every volunteer’s participation is invaluable. 

CORE Kids on the Block is available to daycares, schools, sporting groups and community organizations.  Each performance is customized from 30 to 60 minutes and includes participation through questions and comments. 

To arrange a performance or become a volunteer, contact Amber Kennedy at 403-527-3302 ext. 117.

To make a donation please contact CORE’s Manager of Finance at 403.527.3302 ext. 106. Donations help cover the cost of puppets, props, traveling, volunteer training and program coordination.

Current educational programs include:

  • Safety on the Go – Auto, bus, recreational wheels and pedestrian safety
  • Sun, Heat and Water Safety
  • Bullies and School Safety
  • Multiculturalism
  • Autism
  • Down syndrome     

CORE Kids on the Block is supported by Interact Theatre. 

CORE Works

We look for employment opportunities for individuals who have shown an interest in being employed.  Jobs vary, as do the hours, according to each individual’s needs and wants. Job coaches are assigned to assist individuals in learning the job.  As a person’s abilities grow, the support workers (job coaches) begin to step back and allow the individual to grow in skills and confidence. CORE Works also helps develop basic skills to those new to the work world, such as expectations, appearance, or any other skill required for the job.

Giant Chess Set

CORE Association oversees the World's Largest Giant Chess Set. This Giant Chess Set is an outdoor, permanently-surfaced giant chess board with useable giant wooden chess pieces, conceptualized and developed by Dr. Bill Taylor and members of the Medicine Hat Chess Club. The board is located between the Court of Queen’s Bench and the Medicine Hat Public Library in the 400 block of First Street SE, in beautiful downtown Medicine Hat.  The pieces are hand- and lathe-crafted from teak wood and imported from Indonesia.  

The Medicine Hat Chess Club turned over the supervision of the Giant Chess Set to CORE Association in 2014.  CORE Association now runs the set during the summer months.  Individuals volunteer thier time as Chess Ambassadors to help run the Chess Board.    

Apply for Services

Any individual seeking to access services from CORE will first be approved eligible by the funding body –  Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) for adults over the age of 18.

Individuals and their families can contact Alberta Supports for further information and to begin the process:    An online tool is available.

OR by calling 1.877.644.9992     TTY: 1.800.232.7215  

Both are available 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

There is an Alberta Supports office in the Provincial Building, #110-346 3rd Street SE, Medicine Hat, which is open 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday (closed statutory holidays)

Phone: 1.877.644.9992    TDD/TTY: 1.800.232.7215

PDD will not accept any first-time requests for funding that do not come through Alberta Supports.

After eligibility is determined and individuals/families are requested to seek out an agency, please call:

  • Wendy Ebach, Manager of Service Coordination (for adults over the age of 18)
    at 403.527.3302 ext. 113

We would be happy to meet with you regarding your support needs.

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