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Who We Are

CORE Association believes that all children with developmental disabilities are valued members of our community and deserve quality support services to reach their full potential. CORE believes that all families of children with disabilities deserve support and advocacy to help them succeed in realizing their goals for their child and family.

Children Services offers families a wide variety of family-centered programs, hourly respite services, child development supports, parent education (Triple P - Stepping Stones), play groups and behavioural consultation services. In addition to child-focused services, CORE offers a parent training network from trained professionals to assist families in developing skills and strategies to understand and support their child’s behaviour and development.

Parents are encouraged to be involved in the services for their child, to make the decisions on the journey their child will travel to achieve their goals, and are given applicable training, support and resources to be successful in realizing their goals.

Our trained Children Services team has education and experience in the development and implementation of behaviour and skill development supports specific to each child’s needs and abilities.

Each child and family is unique, equally important and deserving of qualified and reliable support services. Each family is recognized as being integral to their child’s accomplishments. Every consideration is given to each family to provide them with the tools and supports to help them be successful.

Programs and Groups

Kidz Only Social Club meets on most Tuesday evenings from 4 pm to 6 pm. This program focuses on learning socialization skills and applying them in a social setting. Various topics include: Learning to be Honest, Making and Keeping Friends, Learning to be Respectful, and many more.

For more information contact April Bell at 403.527.3302 ext 145 or email

There are two groups of Culinary Kids. A younger group ages 10-12 meet Mondays from 4 pm to 6 pm. A group for teens meet Wednesday evenings from 4 pm to 6 pm. Both groups learn food preparation skills and cooking techniques. They read the recipe, make the food and eat what they have made.

For more information contact Laura Fonteyne at 403.527.3302 ext 129 or email

Youth Group is for children ages 5 to 10 to hang out with their peers and give their parents respite. They meet 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursdays. Child and Youth Care Workers encourage children to play, interact and have fun.

For more information contact

Laura Fonteyne at 403 527-3302 ext 129 or email at or

April Bell at ext 145 or email at

Stepping Stones Triple P

Stepping Stones is based on the Positive Parenting Program – known as Triple P – positive parenting strategies. It helps you manage problem behavior and developmental issues common in children with disabilities. It also helps encourage behavior you like, cope with stress, develop a close relationship with your child and teach your child new skills.  Here are the services that we provide:

  • Level 3 Primary Care Stepping Stones
  • Level 4 Group Stepping Stones
  • Level 4 Standard Stepping Stones
  • Level 5 Enhanced Triple P

Contact your FSCD worker to let them know if you want to take Stepping Stones and it will be applied to your service agreement with them. Once competed, ask them to send CORE a copy of the agreement letter. If you are looking for more information on Triple P, please contact any of our practitioners:

You can also find information on the Triple P Parenting website.

How to Apply

The Process

To apply for services with CORE Association Children Services, please contact Laura Fonteyne or phone 403.527.3302 ext 129 to complete the Application of Service forms:

Once the Application for Service has been completed, parents will need to contact their worker from Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) and let them know to forward a copy of their signed Service Agreement letter to CORE. Once CORE receives the approved FSCD Service Agreement, we process the completed applications for service consideration based on the child/family needs and funding allocation.


  • Medicine Hat Family Support for Children with Disabilities
  • 104 Provincial Building, 346 3rd Street SE, Medicine Hat AB T1A 0G7 
  • Phone: 403-529-3100   Fax: 403-528-5271
  • Intake email:  

Who to Contact

Laura Fonteyne - Team Leader and Stepping Stones Practitioner 403 527-3302 ext 129

April Bell - CYCW II and Stepping Stones Practitioner 403 527-3302 ext 145

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