Community SERVICES

Assisting individuals with disabilities in developing and maintaining skills that will support them to have a meaningful life in their community. Our focus is to enhance their well being and involvement in having a productive life with in their chosen communities.

Community Service Programs focus on:

  • Developing communication skills
  • Accessing educational opportunities
  • Life skills, personal development, and self-determination
  • Safety
  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Participating in volunteer placements
  • Recreational and leisure activities
  • Developing natural supports

With a focus on relationship development, enhancing wellbeing, independence, and social skills.

CORE will assist individuals in developing and strengthening skills through education and hands on experiences.

Individuals will be supported by CORE employees in reviewing options and setting goals in their desired areas. CORE will support the individual through goal setting while focusing on their independence, self- determination, and building positive relationships within their community. Individuals skills will be enhanced through participating in educational, leisure, and recreational activities. There will be educational classes that will focus on personal growth, safety, and communication. Educational components can be done in group settings or one on one as needed. 

Community Service Programs

CORE offers a wide range of Community Service Programs to assist in the personal development and personal growth of individuals participating in our program, they may include but are not limited to:
CORE Kids on the Block

CORE Kids on the Block is a troupe of life-sized puppets who provide an outlet for individuals to create awareness related to disability, medical and educational differences, social and safety issues. 

CORE Masters

A self-advocacy committee formed by individuals who receive PDD funding and have indicated an interest in advocating for themselves and others. Through monthly meetings, various topics related to improving the lives of their members are discussed, including recreational activities, public speaking and fundraising.


South Region Self-Advocacy Network (SRSAN) is a safe space for people with developmental disabilities to discover their voice and find inspiration to make changes in their communities. 

Additional Programs

CORE hosts many other weekly programs including Art programs, Cooking and Baking Classes, Photography Courses, Life Skills Classes, and teaching rights and responsibilities.