Assisting individuals with disabilities to find and maintain employment opportunities, with a focus on creating independence and a meaningful life in the community.

Supports may include:

  • Building Community connections
  • Enhancing personal development and self-determination
  • Skill training
  • Career planning
  • Assessments on employment strengths and goal setting
  • Job matching
  • On-the-job training
  • Support and consultation
  • On-going job maintenance
  • Developing natural supports support for both parties with the employer

Encouraging participation, developing skills, and building positive relationships within the community.

We focus on setting specific goals for employment for each individual and then meeting and maintaining that goal. CORE will assist individuals in reviewing their desired employment goals, focusing on their strengths, and creating a comprehensive plan. Each individual will be supported in achieving their set goals through placements in volunteerism or paid job placement opportunities. 
CORE supports individuals in developing the skills necessary to become successful through on-site, one-on-one job coaching, job matching, education, and with social supports.