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CORE Association is a charitable non-profit organization providing community living services for people with developmental disabilities and support services for them and their families. Although most funding comes from government sources, we also have great support from the community.

Support comes by way of fundraising through dedicated volunteers who help with bingos and casinos, CORE’s Stampede Parade BBQ, Midnight Madness, bake sales, and private donations. Donations can also come through legacy planning. Our volunteers are recognized for their dedication to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities, for supporting the Association, and for their volunteerism.

Monetary Donations

Donations help support our job coaching and matching efforts, education and social supports.
Support our Community Living Program which provides individuals with housing opportunities.
Help support our educational, leisure, and recreational programming and activities.

Donations can be made:

In person or by cheque to:

CORE Association

412 Third Street SE,
Medicine Hat, AB 

T1A 0H1